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We accept tax-deductible donations! 

At the Ridge Theatre (ART) was established in 2001 to provide quality musical theatre experiences and art education to our community. ART was designed to function as a collaborative effort between educators, students, families, theatre supporters, local business and civic groups.

We have created growth opportunities to members of our community through theatre camp and higher education scholarships, workshops, job shadows, and countless letters of recommendation from board members.

Over the years, we have received support from multiple organizations, including the Kent School District, The Village Theatre, and The 5th Avenue Theatre in building a reputable program that provides arts education opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. The non-profit Kent Civic & Performing Arts Center (KCPAC) served as our mentor and sponsor for our first four years as we established our organization. Board members helped us promote our program, and attract community support, as well as an audience and volunteer base.

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